I don’t spend loads of money on myself. I’m the sort of person that hates to spend money on something I later regret.

This worked out well recently when it allowed us to buy a house. Not out right. Just most of the deposit.

So, since it’s been a pretty full on six months I treated myself to an Asus eeePC 1015PX.

My main reasoning behind this was I spend about an hour on a train a day and a Netbook seemed a good way to maybe do something productive.

Needless to say I wiped Windows 7 off of it and installed Arch Linux.

At the moment it is set up just a basic XFCE desktop environment but I hope to switch to something like Awesome for true portability. Touchpads and trains don’t get on.

I’ve basically spent the last few weeks trying to get to grips with power management and drivers. Riveting, eh?

I’ve loved it.