My wife bought me home an unused monitor from work so I have a nice dual screen set-up at the moment.

This is just a quick snap.

I have a friend who works for LG and a few months ago he slipped me an LG Optimus One to have a play with.

I had an HTC Hero before and I loved it. When I initially switched to the LG I hated it. My only experience of Android had been with HTC and I thought Sense and Android were one and the same. Imagine my disappointment when all the great widgets weren’t there.

I stuck with the phone though because it was noticeably faster than my Hero, which was starting to struggle under the weight of the apps.

This week I have finally got my home screens setup just so. I thought I might share some of my favorite apps and widgets in the next few days.

I wish I could post screenshots of my phone but it’s not rooted.


Looks like the baddies have got at LastPass now.

They say there is no cause for concern if you use a strong non-dictionary master password…

Who wouldn’t protect every password they own with the strongest password they could manage?