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Thanks, so much! People like you made made the web. Shame about the billionaires.

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You get Elon! You get Elon! You get Elon! You get Elon! You get Elon! You get Elon! Everybody gets Elon!

I just have him muted 🤷‍♀️ Always have done. The power of Mute to save your sanity on Twitter cannot be underestimated.

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In recent posts I’ve used ASCII footnotes like "^1" to indicate more information about a subject in a footnote line starting with "^1" at the bottom of the post. Both inline refs & footer notes should use Unicode superscripts like '¹' and hyperlink both ways, in contexts that support it. I have...

I thought footnotes were a massive accessibility no-no because screen readers… is that not the case?

Replied to Micropub for Bridgy Publish by Ryan BarrettRyan Barrett ( I’ve added a significant new Bridgy Publish feature: Micropub support! Up until now, Bridgy Publish offered two ways to post to silos: interactively from user pages and via webmention trigger. Now there’s a third way: Microp...

When I click “Get Token” for my Mastodon account, I’m sent to but I get “The redirect uri included is not valid” and it looks like:

Which looks correct to me…

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Introduction This post looks at ways in which you can show the folder path of a file as a standalone column within a SharePoint document library view. UPDATE: I’ve updated this post after some comments asking how to do this for modern SharePoint libraries. Click here for more. Classic SharePoint M...

More fantastic SharePoint tips – super well written!

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Introduction What follows may tend toward the jargon-y end of programming, but I’ll endeavor to explain it all and go step-by-step to allow those with little or no programming experience to follow along and use the tools I’m describing in a very powerful way.  I’ll do my best to link the jarg...

I decided to give this a go over lunch. IFTTT is getting a 500 error on the micropub endpoint. I’ve tested the endpoint with quill and – both worked fine. Did I miss something obvious?

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I don’t often check my internet numbers, but I’m happy to see that a music video I made is at least marginally more popular that that one time I 3D printed some minecraft foxes. (And yes, I know that the foxes have a vastly higher Internet Number Per Year, but the music is the more enduring content so that’ll self-correct over time)

Those foxes are remarkably accurate!