Watched The Ritual (2017) from
A group of college friends reunite for a trip to the forest, but encounter a menacing presence in the woods that's stalking them.

Starts out pretty darn unsettling but sorely needed some shocks in the finale. It sort of wanders into more familiar territory and it loses something.


Watched Revenge (2017) from
Jen's romantic getaway with her wealthy (married) boyfriend is disrupted when his friends arrive for an impromptu hunting trip. Tension mounts at the house until the situation culminates in an unexpected way.

There are films that you can describe as “dumb fun”. This has all the dumb and none of the fun. It looks pretty decent in places, which is something. But my strongest reaction was definitely concern for the upholstery.

The search function on the CQC website is absolutely terrible. I have no idea what is going on in the background.

This page ( shows 4207 results. The most recent (at time of writing) shown is 7 April 2022. However, if you filter by Region to “South East” the most recent becomes 13 April 2022.


Then, head back to the main list again and download the data using the link at the bottom. Gives me 4212 results. That’s five more than shown on the site.

If you do any sort of search it is so fuzzy the results are meaningless. I assume it then sorts by “best match” (but so fuzzy…) and you can’t then sort by anything else.

Just terrible.

Replied to How to show the folder path of a file in library views by Anthony (
Introduction This post looks at ways in which you can show the folder path of a file as a standalone column within a SharePoint document library view. UPDATE: I’ve updated this post after some comments asking how to do this for modern SharePoint libraries. Click here for more. Classic SharePoint M...

More fantastic SharePoint tips – super well written!