I had an email today from an employee of Tribal Group PLC – for those that don’t know they get a massive number of ICT contracts from the British government.

Anyway, this employee, no doubt under a multi-million pound contract, requested I complete a form and return said form via email.  However, rather than send me the form they directed me to where I could download it.  They didn’t provide a direct link.

Having found the form I discover it is in PDF format, with no editable fields.  So I email my contact and say as much.  They respond with the following:

“it is in the format of a pdf document so that it cannot be altered.”

That doesn’t seem the best format for something you are asking people to alter to me.

The employee goes on to suggest I print, complete, scan and email the form.

I don’t think I’ll bother.  After all, I’m not getting paid to admin the multi-million pound contract.