Spent about an hour this morning trying to fetch data from an API in JS. It wasn’t working in jsfiddle (or similiar) and I wasn’t get any useful error messages. The code worked, just didn’t like the API. Turns out CQC didn’t plan on anyone using JS – “CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing”.

Today I accidentally added a bunch of neat functionality to our WordPress site. I didn’t plan to. I was making a minor change and it just grew…

Just double-clicked a .vsd file in Windows Explorer and it fires up Internet Explorer to open the file. I didn’t set the default. Then it starts lecturing me about Edge. I mean…

For my RSS to micropub implementation I needed to generate a decent slug in JS. I found this slugify.js gist by codeguy to which a coder called thierryc made some really nice modifications (but weirdly didn’t publish their own that I could find).

I tested thierry’s code in jsfiddle and found it left a trailing ‘-‘. Using the fiddle I was able to step through the code and see where it went wrong. I just added an extra replace and it worked for me.

I’ve never really found a use for jsfiddle or gists before so this felt good.

It would be fair to say I was an Apple “hater” for years. Purveyors of staggeringly over-priced, aesthetically pleasing gadgets with mediocre features. But they have VERY slowly won me over.