You know that scene in Scott Pilgrim where Scott tricks Todd into drinking half-and-half just by “thinking real hard” about which cup he put it in? Well, this morning, I thought real hard about taking my medication on time and now I don’t know if I took it or not.

I still think the biggest problem with #Partygate is that hashtag. It didn’t need to be a “party”, it needed to be an indoor gathering for non-work purposes that breached the rules in place at the time.

Yes, it is ridiculous that, say, 5 people, working in a socially distanced office, who had face-to-face contact throughout the day, could not stand together and sing someone happy birthday. But those were the rules and people bent over backwards to follow them.

Amazing(ly shit) response from LastPass to their breach. From their new Security Bulletin:

Is your master password hash Iteration value set to at least 600,000

How the f*ck do I know?! This isn’t something I chose!

So, I go and have a look in the Settings, as advised. It’s set to… 5000. Oh, only 120x fewer.

“People say things ‘in heat of moment’ on WhatsApp ‘they don’t really believe’, says minister, defending Gavin Williamson”

All those Met coppers exchanging those hateful texts must be kicking themselves for not using the “I didn’t really mean it” defence…

How. How I ask you, are there no Chopper (from Rebels) / Firefly mash-ups?!

I wanted a t-shirt with Chopper in a browncoat with the legend “I am aim to misbehave.” Make it happen artists!

High inflation and added demand mean that, in spite of ongoing savings from becoming a unitary authority, the council needs to find an extra £63 million to cover its costs for the coming year.

This seems fine.