Broadly speaking I’m not anti-change. I’ve been using an iPhone since Android phones became uniformly enormous. The iPhone SE versions are a good size for me. But the new Notifications “Stack” in iOS 16 is appalling. I now have a huge space for widgets I don’t want and have been missing notifications for things.

It’s simple to disable it in Settings->Notifications and choose “List” but why enable the new Stack by default? Urgh.

I know it’s an old complaint but, wow, starting Windows after a decent break is a disaster.

I’ve got Windows Updates, Windows Store updates, Office updates and Sophos EndPoint all trying to do everything all at once.

How are at least the Microsoft systems not talking to each other?

Heaven’s knows I’m in no rush for Sticky Notes to be updated!

Spent about an hour this morning trying to fetch data from an API in JS. It wasn’t working in jsfiddle (or similiar) and I wasn’t get any useful error messages. The code worked, just didn’t like the API. Turns out CQC didn’t plan on anyone using JS – “CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing”.

Today I accidentally added a bunch of neat functionality to our WordPress site. I didn’t plan to. I was making a minor change and it just grew…

Just double-clicked a .vsd file in Windows Explorer and it fires up Internet Explorer to open the file. I didn’t set the default. Then it starts lecturing me about Edge. I mean…