Today is the anniversary of the birth of Jóhann Jóhannsson. He’s one of my favourite composers, and he might be one of yours too, you just don’t know it.

If I was to start a movie podcast I think it’d be called “In Defence of Average”, in which I talk about genre films that are in no way bad, were successful at the box office, yet are generally derided.

You know, when you unsubscribe and tick “Did not sign up”, we can check. You know that, right? We can see when you signed up, how and which emails you opened. Yeah, sounds a bit creepy but, still, there it is.

It’s clearly not a business plan. I know people won’t make a Twitter account so they can see that funny video in that tweet… so I just find it on YouTube…

And I just screenshot posts…

I feel like the UK government will wake up to the risks of AI-generated content at about the same time a “deep-fake” of Rishi Sunak declaring war on Russia goes viral. These new technologies improve exponentially fast. We could be looking at “perfect” quality by the end of 2024.

My kids have entered the stage of enjoying YouTube content consisting of grown men getting over excited and shouting about entirely ephemeral events/occurances.

Thousands of women die every year in childbirth because of crappy maternity care, even in “developed” countries.

No-one gives a shit.

Some rich assholes do one of the most dangerous things imaginable and people are obssessed. Fuck those guys.

I serously doubt there are many people in the world that this will even make sense to… but the continuing saga of the NHS BMI widget is quite something. It’s not even as if BMI is a decent measure of ANYTHING.