You might have noticed some pictures of a hairy guy with a small baby boy on the blog recently. That’s me and that’s my son.

His arrival has been a life changing experience and, like all life changing experiences, people tell you it’s life changing till they are blue in the face but you never really realise how life changing it is until it happens to you.

Up until just before our boy was born I plowed about 80-90% of my life into MMOs. That started in about 2007 when I took a break from playing with Linux, which had been my main hobby from about 2003. At that point I was very active in the Arch Community and had just been accepted as a developer. Odd time to walk away!

Anyway, I barely touched my Linux installs in the intervening 5 years but my interest has been rekindled, my boxes have been pacman -Syu’d and a brand new netbook has been saved, in everyway, from Windows 7.

My return to the world of Linux has quickly proved to be all to familiar. By turns hugely productive and rewarding yet also face punchingly frustrating.

So, because Linux would literally be nothing without the Internet to support it, it’s incumbent upon me to share my experience in the hope of saving someone else an enormous ball ache.

Without further ado.