Anyone else feel like Jonathan Nolan’s episodes were the weakest of the series? Not bad, just the least good… #Fallout

(While I fully respect any individual’s pronouns) I am toying with the idea of adding “We/They/Them” to the bottom of my email and, if queried, telling people I don’t identify as an individual. You know, just to see how they respond.

Today at work we “joked” about another pandemic affecting business as usual. I chipped in “Or not being able to go outside because of mild nuclear fallout.” Another person said, “Actually, will we still be expected to work if there is a nuclear war?” And there was a bit more banter about nuclear war moving further up the business risk register.

I don’t think anyone was entirely joking…

I’m loving this whole anti-Iranian narrative. Israel attacks the Iranian consulate in Syria, kills Iranians. The attack is widely condemed (except by most of the UN Security Council – funny that). Iran retaliates and they’re the baddies.

Watched Promising Young Woman (2020) by an author from
A young woman haunted by a tragedy in her past takes revenge on the predatory men unlucky enough to cross her path.

If this doesn’t break your heart, you’re not paying enough attention. Either to the film or reality.


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Watched Godzilla × Kong: The New Empire (2024) by an author from
Following their explosive showdown, Godzilla and Kong must reunite against a colossal undiscovered threat hidden within our world, challenging their very existence – and our own.

I liked it! My 12 y/o loved it. It was loud, colourful and fun. The wafer thin plot and extremely brief ejaculations of exposition exist purely to justify the next cool thing that happens. And, five films in, I’m completely cool with that!


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