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There are a lot of good things in this but let’s start with bad ones…

The “physics” – most importantly, I cannot suspend my disbelief to the extent required. Shrunken things keep their mass when it’s convenient yet lose it when not. The pocket tank in Ant-Man is the tip of the iceberg. I just can’t. I’m sorry.

The story – the majority of the film is a goober hunt. To make it worse, we have two sub-plots with other parties also seeking the goober. Even worse, their motivations are simplistic or nonsense. We also have at least two other subplots on the go.

The length – it’s 2 hours. You have one almost entirely redundant sub-plot, which you could have ditched and saved 20-20 minutes. Yes, it is requied for one of the key action setpieces but, you know, try harder?

On the plus side, we get:

Jimmy Woo – excellent character
The Wasp (Mk 2) – now Hope isn’t quite so (justifiably) angry (about everything) it’s easier to warm to her and she is an excellent superhero
Luis’s best flashback monologue by far – enough said
Bobby Cannavale’s cop dishing out those hugs – super-wholesome
Super action – there are some excellent setpieces

But, overall, I just couldn’t wait for it to be over.


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