Watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) by an author from
Set during the Cold War, the Soviets – led by sword-wielding Irina Spalko – are in search of a crystal skull which has supernatural powers related to a mystical Lost City of Gold. After being captured and then escaping from them, Indy is coerced to head to Peru at the behest of a young man whose friend – and Indy's colleague – Professor Oxley has been captured for his knowledge of the skull's whereabouts.

I really wanted to give this a fair shot but it speaks volumes that the best parts of this film are those without the action/adventure in them.

Nothing emphasises this more than John Williams score, which appears to have been written for something MUCH more exciting than we’re seeing on the screen.

I’m sure there are those that don’t like this because they somehow overlooked the paranormal elements of the original triology but I actually quite like that part.

It’s very disappointing.


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