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@The_Weed: A message I want to share with adults who work with #ADHD kids is: pushing them the way that you push neurotypical kids harms them for life. Here’s what I mean. When I start working clinically...…

This is a really nice thread (for the most part). I have an ASD/Asperger’s diagnosis but no official ADHD diagnosis (as yet). My son has both. In coming to understand his ADHD I have been able to understand my own. I just really hope this has not come too late.

I have absolutely thrown a lot of the mentioned negative commentary his way, having had the same done to me, stating that it “never did me any harm.” But, of course, it did.

I’m not sur eit’s going to get any easier as academic expectations at school rise. They seem to know what they are doing, though ?

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