FTL is one of my favourite games. It is also one of my favourite soundtracks. I love listening to soundtracks when I work because I find vocals distracting. Video game soundtracks work really well because they are often low key.

Today I thought I would check out the soundtrack for Into The Breach, which is also made by subset games. Lo and behold, Ben Prunty also composed the soundtrack (as he did for FTL) so that is a must listen, I thought. Turns out it is not on Amazon Music but I did find it on YouTube. I broke the first rule of the Internet and read the comments. I was very entertained. I have not actually played Into The Breach yet (no, I don’t know why) but the comments make me want to even more.

I like soundtrack so far too. Is a lot less chip tune but suitably dramatic, especially Old War Machines.

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