It’s been a long time since I hosted and ran any websites. Back in the day I did the forum administration for Arch Linux and had great fun playing with phpBB patches and CSS. In one of my previous jobs I had to set up an online directory application site for the Tower Hamlets Family Information Service. That was quite fun and I learned a lot. Unfortunately, none of my work remains today. Now, rather than having a landing page for the directory, the application is mainly accessed via forms embedded in the main Tower Hamlets website. You can see the total lack of TLC on the results pages. This is how it looked when we launched in 2010:
[vimeo 13852075 w=640 h=480]
Of course, the overall look of the site has completely changed but even for 10 years ago I think it looks better than the current offer.

We’ve just launched a new site at Healthwatch Bucks and I’ve been making a few tweaks today because our developer is literally moving to France this weekend. He’s put in a major shift on it this week and we’re really grateful for his efforts!

My favourite tweaks of the day were manually editing an SVG file (with a text editor) to change the colour and finding out how to resize it as a background img. Seems quite simple looking back now but where you’re starting from near zero everything seems like a challenge!

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