Right, so, I just want to chuck something out there with regard to privacy.

People are generally pretty hot on protecting their privacy online but who’s got a loyalty card for a store?

Let’s pick on Tesco. So, if you have a Tesco Clubcard, what do they find out about you?

What you buy.

That’s it, right? If you ask anyone what Tesco’s find out from your clubcard they’ll say that.

Obviously there’s much more to it than that. For example, they also know:

Where you live
How old you are (probably)
The time you bought it
The date you bought it
The store you bought it in

That’s for each individual product you buy.

So they know if you only buy toilet roll once a month when you go to the big super store. They know you mainly buy milk from smaller stores.

Or maybe you don’t buy much milk at Tesco. In that case, based on where you live, and other places you have shopped, they’ll identify other places you might be getting your milk.

And you wondered why Tesco was popping up everywhere?