Another thing that broke in my Arch install was my /dev/dvd /dev/cdrom symlinks.

However, this was an intentional “development” decision. This was the reason and I think the Arch KISS principle was the justification.

Quite how removing something that provides seamlessly functionality without adequately publicising that you have made that change keeps anything simple is beyond me.

What would be simple is to typing up a News post and slapping it on the Arch Linux frontpage – how long does that take? Adding a message to a .install script is not enough.

Wait, I’ve just had an awesome idea…

Oh, by the way, the fix I used, in case you end up here looking for one is:

# /etc/rc.local: Local multi-user startup script.

symlinks=(cdrom cdrw dvd dvdrw)
for device in "${symlinks[@]}"; do
        [ ! -h /dev/$device ] && ln -s /dev/sr0 /dev/$device